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What is Fate? The Rationalization of the Human Mind!

I want to talk about fate. I’ll start with some thoughts on the most recent econtalk podcast by Russ Roberts. Russ talks with John Ralston Saul about his book “Voltaire’s bastards” and how we abuse the use of reason today. The abstract:

Saul argues that the illegitimate offspring of the champions of reason have led to serious problems in the modern world. Reason, while powerful and useful, says Saul, should not be put on a pedestal above other values including morality and common-sense. Saul argues that the worship of reason has corrupted public policy and education while empowering technocrats and the elites in dangerous and unhealthy ways.

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Schumpeter: Radical Economist

Herewith a first try should be done to cite, sum up and probably even conclude and imply about recent texts I read.


This is about a presentation held by Nathan Rosenberg on Schumpeter (JAS). His main message is that JAS in many ways was “the most radical scholar in the discipline of economics in the 20th century” (p. 41). Rosenberg interprets and sums up JAS’ view and underpins his examination with a lot of quotes – mainly from the two seminal works “Theory of Economic Development” (TED, 1911) and “Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy” (CSD, 1942). Rosenberg puts the presentation into six sections in which he lays out different aspects of JAS’ radicality.

This examination of Rosenberg is a great start into this blog I believe, because it touches the most of what JAS characterizes (and a lot of his better known quotes) – whose spirit TES shares. Continue reading

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