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Weekly Spotted

Due to other personal obligations, I am finding way too little time to write on TES. However, I am collecting noteworthy stuff everyday by myself and referrals. I will begin to simply put some of the links in a weekly or fortnightly format.  The idea is to provide some dots to connect (or argue against) – and every now and then some own piece. Of course you’ll get all of this served with occasional sarcasm:

FED basically confirms that it was front-run until June 2013

On 13th of May the Businessweek referred to an academic study that strongly suggests (’empirically robust’) that information about what next decision the FED would take, have been consistently leaked at least from 1997 to 2013.  Soon thereafter Businessweek updated their article adding the FED statement. It says that the FED took measures last October (2013) to avoid this in the future. Of course, using the following contemporanous approach, nobody could expect that to happen. How could cow-bell-ringing possibly not be appropriate anymore in 2013 to make sure nobody leaks it before?

In response, Federal Reserve spokesman Joe Pavel said that the Fed “enhanced its media release security procedures” last October “to better protect the information against premature release.” The Fed used to ring a cowbell to announce when news media could send out reports over open lines. Now it seals reporters off from the outside world during the “lockup” and flips a switch to open the communications circuit when the news embargo is lifted.

Inflation starts with the Economists sentiments towards it

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NSA Aufsichtsbehören & Verschwörungstheorien

Versteckte Newsperlen zur NSA/Snowdon-Affäre:

Obama ernennt Cass Sunstein als Mitglied des “NSA Oversight Panel” (1,2):

Das Oversight Panel (Aufsichtsrat) wurde von Obama nach dem PRISM-Skandal ins Leben gerufen. Obama meinte:

It is important to take stock of how these technological advances alter the environment in which we conduct our intelligence mission.

Die Ernennung von Cass Sunstein ist insofern spannend, da er 2008 ein umstrittenes Paper über “Verschwörungstheorien” geschrieben hat. Darin befürwortet er eine staatliche Rolle in der Bekämpfung von “Verschwörungstheorien”. Dies hat ihm Vergleiche mit Joseph Goebbels in eben diesem Milieu eingebracht.

Ich war verwundert, dass es überhaupt akademische Forschung zum Thema “Propaganda” gibt. Wie auch immer, ich will kurz das akademische Paper an drei wichtigen Stellen zitieren: a) Das Abstract, b) die Definition von Verschwörung und c) staatliche Bekämpfungsmassnahmen gegen “Verschwörungstheorien”. Die Schlussfolgerung überlasse ich dem Leser. (Hervorhebungen durch mich).

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Kurzes zu Kerrys & Obamas Giftgas-“Beweis”…

Das Weisse Haus hat gerade eben die Beweise für Assads Giftgasattacke veröffentlicht (via WashingtonPost). Vier Punkte die mir als erstes aufgefallen sind:

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Obama: “Don’t Worry. You Can Trust Us”

A lot has already been written about Obama’s remarks on friday on the huge surveillance program “PRISM”. There are many interesting aspects in this speech, I can’t cover all points. But I want to pick up some quotes and dig a little bit into his logics and wording. And I provide a link to an interesting article about Obama’s awesome rethorics and charisma.

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Update: Farmer Assurance Provison

Just when I typed the last contribution about the nice lobbying job (NLJ) of Monsanto, Syngenta et al, this hits the news (via CNBC):

Reuters Summary:

A strain of genetically engineered wheat never approved for sale or consumption was found sprouting on a farm in Oregon, the U.S. government said on Wednesday, and grain traders warned the discovery could hurt export prospects for U.S. wheat.

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