Chart of the Day: The jobless ‘Recovery’








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Behind Varoufakis – and the personal value of an economics curriculum

Paradigm change is knocking evermore louder on your door…

Some incredible quotes (may be slightly stylized)

  • “EU is built on myths”
  • “EU was never meant to be democratic – it is an American Project”
  • “Eurozone never designed to sustain a shock”
  • “Great Financial Crisis orchestrated by Wallstreet and the twin deficits of America [through surplus recycling]
  • “Syriza may have to forge alliances with the IMF-bastards”
  • “After any form of Greek default, capital controls need to be put in place in Portugal. Domino Effect follows in Italy and France. Germany will leave the Euro before and form some ‘northern Eurozone’. The ‘south’ will face stagflation and dire times
  • “Gigantic amounts of unused purchasing power in the EU” / “The crisis is a coordination fail – nobody invests out of fear”
  •  “Truth of capitalism not found in mathematical models”
  • “Don’t read [Keynes’] General Theory

About the self

  • “My biggest fear is that I get corrupted by the privileges of power”
  • “[The movie] Matrix is a (impressionistic) documentary of the world we live in”
  • “None of my political initiatives are founded on my academic / professional background in economics – but the titles allow me to talk to the IMF, etc.”
  • “Anybody who doesn’t speak the economic language simply isn’t heared by the high and mighty, the hedgefunds, the FED”
  • “Value of studying economics is to see through the lies just as studying the bible did centuries ago. However, I cannot recommend without bad moral feelings this curriculum to any of my beloved ones – the pain of obstructing oneself half of your life is not worth it – there are better books to read out there”
  • The [right-wing] economic departement of Sydney employed me, because not even they could read my models

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Meinungsvielfalt in der Schweiz in einem Bild….

Am Tag danach: Meinungsvielfalt in der Schweiz….



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Governed by free money in BF Skinner’s utopia

Presented without comment. 50 years thereafter, the matrix is so obvious. Take the time!

The described governing scheme (‘government of some kind’) is ever more effective the better access to information it has about human behaviour as the BBC documentary already noticed in 1966 – decades before PC’s, facebook, Google, etc. This technological revolution and a wholly unconscious people – willing to give away the most intimate informations for a bigger TV screen, a 10$ discount on their mobile plan, or just to buy the ‘be cool’ label – greatly decreased the cost of behavioral policies these days. Billions of people are accessible through social media – they willfully accepted Panopticon. Never before the goal of a ‘passive and happy’ (i.e. conformist / non-defective people) can be achieved at such low costs.

The idea of ‘nudging’ people towards right behaviour using incentives schemes is currently becoming openly accepted and applied – again without any attempt to conceal it. ‘Behavioral public policies’ are currently advocated by Angela Merkel, done by the British or the Americans – originating like always from some (freak) economist’s mind. In the interesting case of America, the most powerful advocate for such policies is Cass Sunstein – which ‘coincidentally’ happens to be on the NSA oversight panel. What a great choice – once again – of the (peace) nobel laureate president! We can expect, that he’ll sure nudge you away from any ‘conspiracy theories‘ whatsoever as one of his proposals was to tax people who hold conspiracy theories.

Of course not long ago we’d openly recognized the aforementioned policies as fascist. Today we look at them through the lens of pure reason and technicality. But then again – that’s what any fascist regime always claimed.

Focusing though on what matters most: Who is handing out the poker chips in the (real) matrix? What is the most powerful yet concealed ‘Behavioral public policy’? And why do you call yourself free obeying to it?


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Google has a revolving Door with State Dept.

….as well as the CFR. Some astonishing (or not anymore?) comments from Assange about just how close Google (and via Eric Schmidt thus presumably Apple, etc.) and the US State are intertwined.


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