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Governed by free money in BF Skinner’s utopia

Presented without comment. 50 years thereafter, the matrix is so obvious. Take the time!

The described governing scheme (‘government of some kind’) is ever more effective the better access to information it has about human behaviour as the BBC documentary already noticed in 1966 – decades before PC’s, facebook, Google, etc. This technological revolution and a wholly unconscious people – willing to give away the most intimate informations for a bigger TV screen, a 10$ discount on their mobile plan, or just to buy the ‘be cool’ label – greatly decreased the cost of behavioral policies these days. Billions of people are accessible through social media – they willfully accepted Panopticon. Never before the goal of a ‘passive and happy’ (i.e. conformist / non-defective people) can be achieved at such low costs.

The idea of ‘nudging’ people towards right behaviour using incentives schemes is currently becoming openly accepted and applied – again without any attempt to conceal it. ‘Behavioral public policies’ are currently advocated by Angela Merkel, done by the British or the Americans – originating like always from some (freak) economist’s mind. In the interesting case of America, the most powerful advocate for such policies is Cass Sunstein – which ‘coincidentally’ happens to be on the NSA oversight panel. What a great choice – once again – of the (peace) nobel laureate president! We can expect, that he’ll sure nudge you away from any ‘conspiracy theories‘ whatsoever as one of his proposals was to tax people who hold conspiracy theories.

Of course not long ago we’d openly recognized the aforementioned policies as fascist. Today we look at them through the lens of pure reason and technicality. But then again – that’s what any fascist regime always claimed.

Focusing though on what matters most: Who is handing out the poker chips in the (real) matrix? What is the most powerful yet concealed ‘Behavioral public policy’? And why do you call yourself free obeying to it?


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Google has a revolving Door with State Dept.

….as well as the CFR. Some astonishing (or not anymore?) comments from Assange about just how close Google (and via Eric Schmidt thus presumably Apple, etc.) and the US State are intertwined.


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Grossbank wegen Goldpreismanipulation verurteilt / Sex zu Hause zerstört die Wirtschaft

Nun ist es also soweit: Die erste der vier Grossbanken, welche täglich den Goldpreis in London ‘fixieren’, wurde nun verurteilt, den Goldpreis manipuliert zu haben. Der Fakt war offensichtlich und nun setzt die Offenbarung ein, indem Gerichte ihn zur Wahrheit anerkennen. Als erstes traf es Barclays. Die britische Grossbank hat über ein Jahrzehnt lang die Goldpreise manipuliert. Bereits diesen Frühling hat sich die Deutsche Bank aus dem Londoner Goldkartell verabschiedet, de-facto, nachdem die deutsche Finanzregulierungsbehörde ankündigte, man wolle die Bank wegen Manipulationsbeschuldigungen untersuchen. Völlige Unkenntnis des Sachverhaltes zeigt wieder einmal der Tagi. Er spricht von ‘Schummeln’, ‘Versäumnissen’, einem einzelnen Fall und behauptet 26 Mio. £ sei eine Bestraftung für Barclay. Weder die Grössenordnung noch die Bedeutung dieser Manipulation wird begriffen und schlussendlich verharmlost.

Einmal völlig abgesehen davon, dass eine Fixierung des Preises durch ein Kartell sowieso nie wirklich einer Marktdefinition genügte, sondern schon immer im Wortsinn ‘manipuliert’ war, wird die Grösse des Kaninchenbaus immer mehr offenbart.In diesem Entwicklungsstadium des Staatskapitalismus sind praktisch alle ‘Schlüssel-Variablen’ des Finanz- und Wirtschaftssystems in irgendeinerweise (per Staatstatistik, Grossbanken, Zentralbanken) ‘manipuliert’ resp. mehr oder minder zentral administriert. Das gilt für alle wichtigen Zinsen, alle wichtigen Rohstoffe & alle wichtigen Messgrössen wie Konsumgüterpreise (Inflation) und darum auch BIP, Arbeitslosigkeit, etc.

Dazu eine Schlussbemerkung: Italien rechnet ab heute (nach anderen Ländern wie Holland) nun auch Prostitution, illegaler Drogenhandel und Schmuggel zum BIP hinzu wie Bloomberg via ZH berichtet. Dabei wird erst gar nicht mehr (wie bei den USA, Griechenland, Spanien, Grossbritannien, etc.) der Anschein gemacht, es ginge darum, methodische Fehler in der Berechnung auszubessern. Vielmehr gibt man bereits zu, dass man es darum macht, um die Staatsfinanzen besser erscheinen zu lassen. So könne der Staat mehr ausgeben.

Dementsprechend sei gewarnt: Konsequenterweise wird unentgeldlicher Sex wohl bald als Steuerhinterziehung gelten – und schlecht für die Wirschaft ist er auch 😉 .


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Weekly Spotted

Due to other personal obligations, I am finding way too little time to write on TES. However, I am collecting noteworthy stuff everyday by myself and referrals. I will begin to simply put some of the links in a weekly or fortnightly format.  The idea is to provide some dots to connect (or argue against) – and every now and then some own piece. Of course you’ll get all of this served with occasional sarcasm:

FED basically confirms that it was front-run until June 2013

On 13th of May the Businessweek referred to an academic study that strongly suggests (’empirically robust’) that information about what next decision the FED would take, have been consistently leaked at least from 1997 to 2013.  Soon thereafter Businessweek updated their article adding the FED statement. It says that the FED took measures last October (2013) to avoid this in the future. Of course, using the following contemporanous approach, nobody could expect that to happen. How could cow-bell-ringing possibly not be appropriate anymore in 2013 to make sure nobody leaks it before?

In response, Federal Reserve spokesman Joe Pavel said that the Fed “enhanced its media release security procedures” last October “to better protect the information against premature release.” The Fed used to ring a cowbell to announce when news media could send out reports over open lines. Now it seals reporters off from the outside world during the “lockup” and flips a switch to open the communications circuit when the news embargo is lifted.

Inflation starts with the Economists sentiments towards it

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Labor Day Food for Thought: For who are we working for?

For a lot of people worldwide the labor day means a day off work. The perfect moment to reflect, for who we are actually working. Who is harvesting the value added of your work? Welcome to Neofeudalism.



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