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A Blog in Schumpetarian Spirit

What is The EconSpotter?

The EconSpotter (TES) is a blog covering a multitude of (political) socio-economic topics. This includes pretty much any aspect of human action and  its preceding thinking. The primary aim is to illuminate and observe rather than judge or call to action. Thus it’s strongly in Schumpetarian tradition. Schumpeter’s way to think about economics, the purpose, the methodologies is what shall be applied here as well: Human action in the focus, broad range of methodologies (math, empirics, history, narratives, polemics) at hand, all in order to explore and explain how and why cultural phenomena work and exist. EconSpotters find interest in every mechanism people create (“culture”) because we believe there is a reason for this structuring of the social. We are convinced to find evidence in what people create to understand mankind and ultimately us.

TES Features:

  1. Frankness toward form/methodology and topics while maintaining an educated level. TES reaches from stimulating tweets, to travel impressions up to multipage, scientific essays and more…
  2. Open refreshing views or discussions. Especially in economics as this profession is skewed toward ideologic and thus political bias
  3. Allow for criticism to fight the above on TES’ own account . Thus we encourage to comment and or become an EconSpotter as well!
  4. Provide an (anonymous) portal for virtually everybody to post a sophisticated insight to a topic concerning the mentioned socio-economic aspects.
  5. Multi-Language. We prefer as long as possible to read Goethe in German, Shakespeare in English and Voltaire in French. Please help yourself with the blessings of 21st century technology if needed.

Who is Schumpeter?

A prominent Economist (but entrepreneur, minister and lover as well) who lived throughout both world wars and embodied both methodological schools of humanities (theoretical and historical school). Today he is usually known for his concept of “creative destruction” and forgotten for a whole lot else (foremost his writing on banking and money). The best way to approach Schumpeter is through the seminal work of Pulitzer price winner Thomas McCraw: The Prophet of Innovation. For a first impression we recommend the podcast episode of McCraw with Russ Roberts on econtalk.

Who is TES?

The editor and initiator of TES is a young Swiss economist graduated from the University of St. Gallen (HSG). He writes using the name JAS. His basic belief is, that a lot of the assumptions in todays dominating economic views do apply less and less or are used confusingly. To be precise, especially in the area of money, credit and interest definitions are found to be at least 70 years old. Here he found strong inspiration in Schumpeter.

Why does it need TES? Why this name? Why didn’t you…?

So this is it…this is The EconSpotter…the personal ambition is not to maximize clicks, nor to please everybody or to missionize. In the end it’s a personal thing, to entertain intellectual thoughts, to lay them down and order them and to get challenged by others to refine them.

TES invites everybody to either participate in its efforts and become an EconSpotter as well or… to open own blogs and make it better.

Become a Spotter!

Challenge thoughts in this blog or even better: Submit your insights on something! Be it economical, methodological, financial, law, sociological, neurobiologics, philosophical or psychological nature.
You can either become a permanent EconSpotter with your own account or submit guest posts. In any case, the goal for TES is to minimize your administrative effort:

TES thus offers an editorial:

  • You just hand in your text in Word/txt/latex-file or whatever and it will be posted.
  • TES organizes both professional and non-professional proofreading and translation if requested.
  • You can post anonymously. We value intellectual freedom.

How you become one? Just contact TES!

Grammar errors spotted?

Give some credit to the fact, that the mother tongue of the editor, as well as of most guest spotters, is not English and sometimes not even German. Feel free though to report grammar errors you spotted here or offer yourself as proof-reader/translator.

Please refrain from commenting on grammar errors within posts.