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Due to other personal obligations, I am finding way too little time to write on TES. However, I am collecting noteworthy stuff everyday by myself and referrals. I will begin to simply put some of the links in a weekly or fortnightly format.  The idea is to provide some dots to connect (or argue against) – and every now and then some own piece. Of course you’ll get all of this served with occasional sarcasm:

FED basically confirms that it was front-run until June 2013

On 13th of May the Businessweek referred to an academic study that strongly suggests (’empirically robust’) that information about what next decision the FED would take, have been consistently leaked at least from 1997 to 2013.  Soon thereafter Businessweek updated their article adding the FED statement. It says that the FED took measures last October (2013) to avoid this in the future. Of course, using the following contemporanous approach, nobody could expect that to happen. How could cow-bell-ringing possibly not be appropriate anymore in 2013 to make sure nobody leaks it before?

In response, Federal Reserve spokesman Joe Pavel said that the Fed “enhanced its media release security procedures” last October “to better protect the information against premature release.” The Fed used to ring a cowbell to announce when news media could send out reports over open lines. Now it seals reporters off from the outside world during the “lockup” and flips a switch to open the communications circuit when the news embargo is lifted.

Inflation starts with the Economists sentiments towards it

Inflation cannot arrive until it is orthodox again within Economics. For many people this is not comprehensible. However, understood that inflation always can be fighted with monetary policy and always produced by handing out money to a consumption-wanting hand (this is i.e. why economist rightly so found that usually government spending is more ‘inflationary’ than saving cuts). Secular inflation trends are thus defined by the current orthodox views on it in economics. Until now, the central bank regime in place was, that a basked of a couple of hundred goods are supposed to rise in price every year by 0-3% otherwise rates and lending practices are adjusted to achieve it. This was called ‘inflation targeting’. Proofing it statistically and believing in it was the most auspicious way for young economist to raise the academic and consequently professional career (because the produced markets ‘miraculously’ behaved that way’ after all agents adapted their expecations to the regime). This way it is ‘anchored’ firmly into our system of thought and power.

Now this paradigm is getting slowly changed – and who could have expected it – in the direction of more inflation. The paradigm shift will take place in the way that established proponents of economics and central banking will start advocating it.

Here for example is British Economics Martin Wolf pressing for more inflation and ‘punishment’ of the savers in Keynesian wording: Click.

A study of the elite university of Princeton suggests that the US indeed is an oligarchy

Now who could have guessed that. Click here to read this ‘deep stuff’.

BTW: Another ‘conspiracy theory‘ ‘suddenly closing in’. 10 Years ago, such a paper was not even thinkable.

Babies cry to stop their parents of having Sex

Or put differently: Rationality (science) is exploring that human behavior which exists since centuries and millenias may actually serve a purpose. Too bad this enlightenment (pun intended) came too late for big parts of tradition, morality and spirituality…. Read here.

Is the NSA engaged in changing the amount of money in your bank account?

Now who is getting scared? But we can be sure there is a perfect reason Leviathan needs to be able to do that.

And what is the answer of a sovereign (?) power to such a malicious thing of the US / NSA to do? You guessed it: Join the losing team and abolish the bank secrecy law.

But maybe we are way too worried: Millions of people consciously want to be eavesdropped (and perfectly price discriminated). At least this conclusion is suggest by the recent Facebook App Update with no opt-out for eavesdropping.

Draghi did not have a ‘Plan B’ in the Eurocrisis but a ‘Plan Z’

Another instance of what TES already mentioned a couple of times (1,2). We enter a time of deliberate but juristically just fine lying. This time, the ECB did not have a ‘Plan B’ in the Eurocrisis. They did not, because they called what everybody in the room identified with the word ‘Plan B’ guess what: ‘Plan Z’ (1,2). Thus strictly spoken Draghi did not lie, but he knew ‘they’ (those who still trust them) wouldn’t get it.

Swiss Anti-Russia Propaganda unveils to a unideological generation that they are ideological

The Ukraine crisis in an eye-opener for the Western hemisphere of unprecedented scale. A generation of Swiss is totally unused to talk about pardigms, logics, ideologies. Together with the fortunate economic situation of recent decades this has produced an idea of ourselves as free and wholly unideological especially compared to the Americans (one remembers the fun we make of them with their Terror-scaryness, gore-culture, blatant consumerism etc.). Now the ideological broder has closed in. This generation for the first time experiences that ‘we’ are part of a block – or at least supposed to be by the zeitgeist. On the one hand is the Swiss media, fully aligned and activly encouraging and spreading Western propaganda, c.f. this unworthy article of the ‘most renowned’ Swiss newspaper. On the other hand is Mr. Putin. And because the guy sits on atomic bombs (other than Milosevic, Hussein, Achmadinedshad, Gaddaffi, Assad, Chavéz, etc.) his speeches are live streamed (short test: Have you ever been allowed to hear a full speech of the aforementioned people?). Thus generations of Westerners for the first time actually notice that there exist ideologies and that they are expected to stick with the current one.


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