Applebaum’s mindbuggling NSA update: “We are under martial law”

I came across this recently held speech by Jacob Applebaum. Applebaum gives a short one hour wrap up about the powers of the NSA. It is just great after we all lost a bit the overview around the numerous leaks thanks to Snowdon. It really is clear that we live in the 1984’s world. Simply mindbuggling. All my fears and guesses, when the first articles of Snowdon came out, seem to be true, e.g. that the NSA is exchanging information with the British GCHQ (and many others).

Tons of remarks of the witful Applebaum let you guy “wow” and think in different dimensions unimagined before. E.g. the somewhat surprising question, why Hugo Chavez, whose regime was on the top 6 NSA spylist, may have gotten cancer. (Applebaum’s speculative answer I won’t recite here).

I cannot believe anybody can watch this and say “we all knew we were spied upon, nothing has changed from cold war times”.

Since we are left in a bit of a paranoid mood after Appelbaum’s speech 😉 : I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of information Twitter perceives to be “sensitive” and consequently decided not to show to me. Hint: Twitter doesn’t seem to like #ENDTHEFED 😛
twitter_censor0twitter_censor1– JAS

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