NSA Aufsichtsbehören & Verschwörungstheorien

Versteckte Newsperlen zur NSA/Snowdon-Affäre:

Obama ernennt Cass Sunstein als Mitglied des “NSA Oversight Panel” (1,2):

Das Oversight Panel (Aufsichtsrat) wurde von Obama nach dem PRISM-Skandal ins Leben gerufen. Obama meinte:

It is important to take stock of how these technological advances alter the environment in which we conduct our intelligence mission.

Die Ernennung von Cass Sunstein ist insofern spannend, da er 2008 ein umstrittenes Paper über “Verschwörungstheorien” geschrieben hat. Darin befürwortet er eine staatliche Rolle in der Bekämpfung von “Verschwörungstheorien”. Dies hat ihm Vergleiche mit Joseph Goebbels in eben diesem Milieu eingebracht.

Ich war verwundert, dass es überhaupt akademische Forschung zum Thema “Propaganda” gibt. Wie auch immer, ich will kurz das akademische Paper an drei wichtigen Stellen zitieren: a) Das Abstract, b) die Definition von Verschwörung und c) staatliche Bekämpfungsmassnahmen gegen “Verschwörungstheorien”. Die Schlussfolgerung überlasse ich dem Leser. (Hervorhebungen durch mich).

a) Abstract:

Many millions of people hold conspiracy theories; they believe that powerful people have worked together in order to withhold the truth about some important practice or some terrible event. A recent example is the belief, widespread in some parts of the world, that the attacks of 9/11 were carried out not by Al Qaeda, but by Israel or the United States. Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories may create serious risks, including risks of violence, and the existence of such theories raises significant challenges for policy and law. The first challenge is to understand the mechanisms by which conspiracy theories prosper; the second challenge is to understand how such theories might be undermined. Such theories typically spread as a result of identifiable cognitive blunders, operating in conjunction with informational and reputational influences. A distinctive feature of conspiracy theories is their self-sealing quality. Conspiracy theorists are not likely to be persuaded by an attempt to dispel their theories; they may even characterize that very attempt as further proof of the conspiracy. Because those who hold conspiracy theories typically suffer from a crippled epistemology, in accordance with which it is rational to hold such theories, the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups. Various policy dilemmas, such as the question whether it is better for government to rebut conspiracy theories or to ignore them, are explored in this light.

b) Definition des Begriffs “Verschwörung”:

[. . .] a conspiracy theory can generally be counted as such if it is an effort to explain some event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who have also managed to conceal their role (S. 4)

c) Staatliche Bekämpfungsmassnahmen:

What can government do about conspiracy theories? Among the things it can do, what should it do? We can readily imagine a series of possible responses. (1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing. (2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories. (3) Government might itself engage in counterspeech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories. (4) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counterspeech. (5) Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help. Each instrument has a distinctive set of potential effects, or costs and benefits, and each will have a place under imaginable conditions. However, our main policy idea is that government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories, which involves a mix of (3), (4) and (5).

Obama ernennt James Clapper als Chef der “NSA Review Group” (via ZH)

Clapper wurde bekannt durch die Entschuldigung für seine Falschaussagen zur Snowdon-Affäre im Amerikanischen Congress. Dazumals behauptete er, es würden keine Telefonate im grossen Stil abgehört. Grund für die Falschaussage: Er habe einen Abschnitt des autorisierenden Gesetztes “einfach vergessen”. Nun macht Obama den Bock zum Gärtner. Clapper wird beauftragt zu schauen, dass dies nicht nochmal ans Licht kommt, denn das Ziel dieser weiteren NSA Aufsichtsbehörde lautet:

The Review Group will assess whether, in light of advancements in communications technologies, the United States employs its technical collection capabilities in a manner that optimally protects our national security and advances our foreign policy while appropriately accounting for other policy considerations, such as the risk of unauthorized disclosure and our need to maintain the public trust. (1)

Da wirds ja wohl noch Unbescholtene in den Aufsichtsräten haben?

Naja. folgt man diesem diesem Artikel von Politico lässt sich leider ein (für mich beunruhigendes) Muster bei Obamas Personalwahl erkennen:

The group, formed to examine the policies and procedures at the NSA as it tracks terrorism suspects’ digital communications, is composed mostly of Washington types, many with connections to the very intelligence establishment they’re now tasked with scrutinizing in the wake of Edward Snowden’s leaks.


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